Description of the project

The obsession with aesthetic perfection takes us away from the authentic self, the soul, and the truth. And we fall asleep in a deep surreal nightmare: daily life with its banal conflicts and our ridiculous aspirations. Life is an amazing spectacle.

That is why BUTTERFLIES is a dramatic comedy, which opens the window to the spectacle of the daily life of characters as fragile as they are vulgar, driven by an uncertain destiny that brings them closer in an inexplicably magnetic way.

From 13 to 16 on May of 2021

Dramaturgy and direction: Josep Galindo
Performers and creation process: Alba Iturrioz, Christian Paretas, Ingrid Machuca, Judit Ampudia, Laura Salvador, Marina Casteràs, Marta Mateo Arenas, Ona Cuscó, Sergio Navarro, Pau Povill and Valentina Scapusio
Sound space and DJ: Sergio Navarro
Assistant directors: Imai Adalid, Laura Giberga, Yaiza Peña, Mario Rebugent
Musical Selection: Sergio Navarro, Valentina Scapusio, Marina Casteràs, Ingrid Machuca, Christian Paretas
Lighting: Anna Espunya
Choreography: Aina Torné
Costume advice: Eli Siles

A production of Aeolian R&D. 2021 Emerging Performers Show