Description of the project

BILDERBERG authored and directed by Xavi Morató (former student) with Joan Scufesis (former student) at the Teatre Tantarantana

The Bilderberg Club may seem like the fruit of the sick imagination of some conspiratorial madman, but it’s totally real. It is made up of the 130 most powerful people on Earth (businessmen, bankers, politicians, members of royalty…), who meet once a year in a hotel, always in a different country. In these meetings, access is forbidden to anyone outside the club, and especially to journalists. Its members meet and talk. Of what? Nobody knows. Evil tongues say they decide everything that happens on the planet: crises, wars, epidemics. They, however, deny it all and explain that they are limited to making an innocent change of impressions. Bilderberg tries to solve the question, and shows viewers what happens in one of those secret meetings where, perhaps, our destinies are drawn.

From 8 to 31 January 2021 at the Tantarantana Theater

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