The MondayMonday Marathon inaugurates the new cycle of concerts which we will do at Eòlia Teatre from December. The concerts will be dedicated to musicals and, as the name suggests, we will do them on Mondays ;-)

The programming, which we will soon complete by presenting the themes of each concert, will be the following:

  • 12 of December: Voicescomsí (Cor de Musicals d'Eòlia)
  • December 28: Mone
  • 4 April: Mariona Castillo
  • April 11: Roger Berruezo

We have proposed to the soloists of this cycle that, at some point in their concert, they share the stage with a student from Eolia, and the idea has enthused them! In the Marathon, which will take place Thursday, October 29 at 22 p.m. Eòlia Theater, the jury will select the singers who will accompany the soloists during their performances.