"Useless)" of the young company l'Absurda has been the winner of the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia i + D 2020. The company consists of Jordi Casado (director and playwright), Neus Soler i Paula Segura (actresses), the three graduates of theEòlia ESAD.

Apart from that, they also form the project Aina Juanet (production) i Carlota Masvidal (scenography). "In (Useful)", according to the company, wants to be a reflection on the need for belief. The usefulness of stories in the face of a system that for many years has discredited them but at the same time has exploited them for their benefit. A show that returns to myths and stories their power to face panic (even for a while!) And then leave them in the storage room again, until we need them again.

As a company, they have carried out projects such as “Viva” (Festival Píndoles, September 2020) or “Temps Mort”. In addition, Jordi Casado and Neus Soler have already released "Correspondencia" at Eòlia Theater during Sample of Emerging Creators of October 2018.

One of the main objectives of the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia I + D is to support emerging companies in the country for the creation, dissemination and exhibition of their new shows. In short, to help companies make their progressive journey to consolidate. For this reason, in this edition "In (Useful)", as the winning project of the Odisseu Scholarship, will receive an economic endowment of € 5.500 (for production and exhibition), a transfer of space for rehearsals at the Aeolian Creation Spaces and R&D, and a two-week technical residency at the Aeolian Theater that will end with a first public presentation in April 2021. As a novelty, and for its link to the Aeolian R&D project, the Scholarship will also offer accompaniment and advice in the production process of the work. Therefore, the evaluation committee formed by Pablo Ley, Josep Galindo, Joan Yago, Jordi Bordes, Júlia Faneca and Anna Espunya is not detached from the project but will accompany it in the process of rehearsals and editing until the premiere.

This July the Odyssey Scholarship closed its call with 93 projects. Faced with this successful participation and in order to have the necessary time to read the projects carefully, it was decided to postpone the resolution of the company benefiting from the scholarship in September.