The production of #EòliaEscenaEmergent 'PUNK IS DAD' was presented there, as well as several other projects full of wind talent.

Good luck and happy bowling to all!

RBLS is a performing arts festival based in the city of Barcelona.

The goal of RBLS is to bring the theater closer to young people between 13 and 20 years old. Entrust them with passion and love for this art, discover risky, exciting installations that connect with their interests and concerns. Make them the protagonists of an event tailored to them.

Its format and the participatory activities it includes contribute to strengthening the social function of RBLS: a function of meeting and belonging to a group, of access to the world of culture and theater for boys and girls at risk of social exclusion, integration, personal and social growth.

Young people who feel the message of today's times: no to individualism, yes to friends, yes to peace, love, imagination, yes to art and culture as a way of expression, of integration and growth.