Sovint Cabaret is considered a subgenre, as a minor, trivial, superficial and linked art solely and exclusively to entertainment, to have a good time with songs and choreographies where the performers go more or less light of clothes. We often also confuse Cabaret with another genre, that of musicals that develop their action in a Cabaret.

Obviously, Cabaret can become theater, music and it’s entertainment and it can be superficial, and sometimes its performers sing and dance. light of clothes, but the Cabaret goes far beyond all that. The Cabaret is the complete, total show. For the mixture of disciplines, for the flexibility in the dramatic structure, for the interaction with the public and for many other reasons, the Cabaret becomes the ideal vehicle for the denunciation, to speak of sufficiently important subjects to be treated with irony. and humor. It is the mirror where to reflect the society that looks at it and consumes it.

But we can not ignore that it is a genre little visited, widespread, and unfortunately not too well considered and often reserved for nostalgic or creators a bit old-fashioned as the undersigned.

So when they came looking for me to put on a Cabaret for a group of young people (very young !!), it was as if I had a Mariana apparition, a mirage in the middle of the desert, a revelation!

But I was immediately overwhelmed with anxiety, what would this Cabaret be about? What interests young people? What motivates them? What worries them? What do they claim? What do they want to talk about?

My surprise has been to find that, despite the age difference, the issues that concern us are the same and that this young man is committed, vindicated and made to feel, and that he does, he wants to do it, with a Cabaret!

For all this, "Hold on!" (our Cabaret) goes from masculinity, feminism, heteropatriarchy, “motherhood”, masculinity, femininity, heterosexualism, homosexuality, bisexualism and all other sexual isms; of the ugly and the beautiful, of the gaze, of the breadth of views, of the fantasies, of the body, of the society in which we live and of the society from which we come, of the freedom we claim, and of which we wish. “Hold on! ”Goes from life!

Roberto G. Alonso

29 and 30 May 2021

Dramaturgy: Roberto G. Alonso
Direction: Roberto G. Alonso
Performers: Endika, Mercedes Fernández, Mireia Ferré, Mel·lina Illa, Núria Masip, Ariane Millet, Lluís Ruiz, Natàlia Salamó and Ona Sans
Choreography: Roberto G. Alonso
Vocal coach: Gustavo Llull
Assistant director: Priscilla Zanni
Lamp design: Andrés Piza
Costume advice: Eli Siles

A production ofEolia i + D
Show of the Exhibition of Emerging Interpreters 2021