La FOUNDATION SGAE i NOVA EÓLIA, SL, through a mutual collaboration agreement, establish for the 2022-2023 course, the 5a call for SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS 2022 for students in the 3rd and 4th year of higher studies in Dramaturgy and Stage Direction at EÒLIA ESAD.

Results of the call for SGAE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS 2022 dated September 13, 2022

Failure of the Jury Funds Sgae 2022 Scholarship


The students of ESOL EOL, interested in opting for the SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS, must meet the following requirements:

  1. Fill out the Application form Scholarships Foundation SGAE 2022 and submit it, within the established deadlines, to the offices of the Academic Secretary of the center.
  2. Submit, together with the application form, artistic curriculum and motivation letter.
  3. Have previously enrolled in a minimum of 40 ECTS credits.
  4. Become a member of SGAE or become one, once the scholarship has been awarded and completed Certificate of obligations.


The economic endowment of the SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS It is distributed as follows:

6 scholarships 1.000€ for 4th year students and 3rd year students who have already premiered a work or are about to do so.

The amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the corresponding tuition. In no case, the beneficiaries will directly perceive the economic amount granted.


Duly submitted applications will be evaluated by a selection committee, made up of members of SGAE and members of NOVA EÒLIA, SL (Management of the center, Prefecture of Studies and the Head of the specialty of Dramaturgy and Direction).

Once you have made a preselection, the candidates at SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS will be summoned, individually, to a personal interview.

In the selection process it will be assessed:

- Motivational letter.
- CV of the applicant.
- Student's academic record.
- Family or individual income, in the event that the student is financially independent.

The final resolution will be communicated to the beneficiaries -via e-mail- the 8 of September of 2022.

The selected candidates will have 10 working days from the communication of the resolution to accept (or not) the granted scholarship and, also, to accept the consequent obligations derived from their enrollment.

The academic secretary of the center will issue a document accepting the scholarship, which must be signed by the selected one. Along with this document, the proof of affiliation to the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) will be attached.


The beneficiaries of the SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS they must meet the following obligations:

  1. Follow the academic program with the maximum use, attendance and participation. They will also have to mention the award of the scholarship in their artistic resumes.
  2. Contribute to enriching the academic and artistic life of Aeolian ESAD by attending and participating in the activities of the center to which they are invited. All these activities are aimed at complementing their academic and artistic training.
  3. Be a member of SGAE or, failing that, become one, once the scholarship has been awarded.

Failure to comply with these obligations may entail the automatic loss of financial assistance and, as a result, its final cancellation. NOVA EÒLIA, SL reserves the right to decide on any event not provided for in these rules.


The presentation of a request to this announcement implies, on the part of the candidates, the acceptance of the bases here gathered, as well as of the criteria and decisions that NOVA EÒLIA SL can take before any doubt of interpretation on these Bases and conditions set out here.

NOVA EÒLIA SL reserves the right to annul this call, or to change any of its conditions, if for reasons beyond its control it could not be carried out with the normal development of the same.

Similarly, NOVA EÒLIA SL may declare invalid any requests that present irregularities in the identification data of the candidates. It also reserves the right to declare the resolution void in case any of the candidates is eligible for them SGAE FOUNDATION GRANTS.


The submission of applications must be made by registering in the academic secretary of EÒLIA (Carrer de Casp, 82 basses - 08010 Barcelona) from July 6 to September 2.