11.30am From the mother of Mireia Federico

"What happens when the "perfect life" falls apart?"

Performers: Júlia Turu, Clara Solé and Abel Bonet
Pianist: Laura Roselló

12 o'clock The gates of Hell by Marc Marín

Journey to hell with a rock band!

Performers: Marc Marín and Marta Rodríguez

12.30:XNUMX p.m. At sea by Pere Péries

Musical drama in three acts in two parts, set in 1892 in a small fishing community on the Catalan coast, where the characters will face an essential dilemma: To love, or to love, also means to let go.

Teresa: Mariona Pallach
Andrew: Albert Gràcia
Manco: Tomás Maxé
Nitu: Marc Carcassonne
Sea: Patrícia Paisal
Pianist: Miquel González
Book, music and lyrics by Pere Pèries

13 p.m. Esteve Roig's Decidere

What decisions have you had to make in the past to bring you to this precise moment?

Carme: Núria Llausí
Jordi: Abel Bonet
Pep: Marc Carcassonne
Alex: Esteve Roig
Pianist: Roser Gelis

Tuesday, June 18 | 11.30 a.m Classroom: Pina Bausch | c. Casp 82

Prior email registration is required invitacions@eolia.cat, limited capacity.



Musicians Workshop 24
Carrer Cendra, 24
08001 Barcelona



It is necessary to register beforehand by sending an email to eolia@eolia.cat

Eòlia Superior Center of Dramatic Art and the Music Workshop offer an informative session on the II Master's in Musical Theater Creation that they are jointly promoting for the 2024-2025 academic year. The contents of the study program will be detailed and all the doubts of those interested will be resolved.

Josep Galindo, director of Eòlia CSAD, and David Pintó and Toni Pagès, coordinators of the Master's, will speak. On behalf of the teaching team, Joan Vives, Óscar Peñarroya and Jordi Cornudella, musicians, musical directors and composers, will be present.

This Master's in Musical Theater Creation offers performers, composers, directors and playwrights the opportunity to deepen the tools that link music and theatre, as well as to understand the theoretical and structural aspects of the genre.