The museum of sadness and celebration. The city has become a warehouse of people stacked in huge identical shelves, shelves that make up this museum that is always unfinished, always a work in progress. There is always a bit of sadness in museums, we keep what we don't want to lose or touch, we want to stop time. The party, on the other hand, makes us protagonists and shows our cracks. Everyone is a little sad at the parties, everyone tries to stop time so as not to go back to the works, to stay at the tekno. The city and the party are solutions we have found for our world, for our reality, and this little by little breeds monsters inside us that hide behind our eyes, in our own sad museums.

From July 18 to 21.

From Thursday to Friday at 20pm.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm.
Sunday at 18 p.m.

Language: Spanish
duration:  60 -70 minutes
Age:+16 years

Dramaturgy and direction: Anna del Campo

Performers: Tatiana Arasil, Anna del Campo, Natalia Invernó
Assistant director: Lucia Ponseti
Lighting design: Anna del Campo
Sound and Music Design: Tatiana Arasil (Nesky)
Scenery: Anna del Campo
Audiovisual and projections: Lidia Martínez-seara
Changing room: Julia Masnou
Characterization: Laia Gordó
Movement: Natàlia Invernó and Anna del Campo

Company: Collective les Policroma

A production ofAeolian Emerging Scene 2024