From the musical PACIFIC OVERTURES by Stephen Sondheim.


One July 1853, four American warships appeared in the port of Okinawa. No one knew what General Calbraith Perry's intentions were, but the sacred laws of Japan forbade any foreigner to set foot on Japanese soil.

Those black dragons would open the gate of the floating realm and shake the beliefs of all its inhabitants.

An altarpiece of stories and tales that will make us understand what happened in the diplomatic pavilion where the foundations were laid that would define the current Japanese reality.


The material I have chosen to work with this year is impossible to solve. To begin with, it is a comedy (all teachers recommend avoiding this genre when doing a workshop because it usually brings a lot of problems). It is a puzzle of many pieces that, with a certain Brechtian aftertaste, explains how the West conquered Japan. Venturing into this material so far from us (Japanese culture and its traditions, way of doing things, clothing) has meant that we had to make an even greater commitment. As if all this weren't enough, the musical part is fiendishly complicated and the scenes outrageous. This difficulty has made us fall into the story and connected us as a group (a mixed group of musical and text theater students). The ways of creation are inscrutable. It makes me very happy to unwrap this musical from the great Sondheim and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did in this creation process. Welcome to Nippon, the floating kingdom.

David Painted Quedinasaltas

3 and 4 2024 February
Saturday at 20pm and Sunday at 18pm

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Interpretation: Abel Bonet, Marc Carcasona, Pau Cardona, Daniel Crespo, Raquel Marín Blasco, Gisel Morros, Jordi Reñé and Pau Sansa.

Direction: David Pintó Codinasaltas

Musical direction: Oscar Peñarroya

Assistant director: Anna del Campo

Acknowledgments: Theater of the Passion of Esparreguera

Duration: 80 min
Language: Catalan

Price: General admission €8

Audition 2024 of EÒLIA EAS