In a small psychiatric center lost in any corner of the world, six patients and a doctor survive isolated from the world, half dead from the cold and abandoned to their fate. Everything changes with the arrival of a package from the sky that NATO drops by mistake: humanitarian aid and military uniforms.

Colonel Cuervo is a work about the strength of community, identity and the desire to be understood in a society that constantly excludes and segregates its most vulnerable individuals

May 19, 2024

at 13pm and 18pm
Language: Spanish
Duration: 75 min
+16 years

Free entry with reservation a taquilla@teatreolia.cat

Authorship and dramaturgy: Jristo Boichev
Direction: Irina Cuevas de Andrés
Performers: Marta Giménez, Albert García, Jordi Reñé, Pau Sansa, Anna Torras, Abel Bonet and Sara Pérez

Management Assistant: Miquel Salamanca, Alba Jubany
Lamp design: Eloi Pla Ayza
Sound design: Roger López Albiach

A production ofAeolian Emerging Scene