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EWe are faced with a complex and intense relationship between a middle-class girl and a billionaire boy. They both have very different mindsets and among so many prejudices, they end up falling in love. The two will be put to the test and go through a roller coaster of emotions, where they will have the opportunity for the first time to find themselves in the middle of a toxic society and still sick of money.

The Aeolian Theater is consolidating itself as a space dedicated to new talents. The different Emerging Shows, distributed during the season, want to be a showcase of what the new batches of Performers and Creators want to show to the world. A first springboard for visibility linked to the final year projects of ESAD Eòlia students.


Dramaturgy and direction: Priscilla Zanni
Management Assistant: Oscar Gimenez
Drama assistant: Mercedes Fernandez
Performers: Sergio Navarro and Marta Mateo
cover: Javier Pérez and Valèria Pisatti
Changing room: Priscilla Zanni
Scenography: Natalia Gimenez
Lights: Andrés Piza
Sound space: Sergio Navarro
Choreography: Ingrid Machuca
Collaboration: Marcel Solé and Xavi Quero

A production ofEolia i + D. Exhibition of Emerging Interpreters 2021

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