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How to live being Second Best? Contributing invisibly to keep the wheel of life running.

In a basement we find a being, an archived woman full of potential that no one sees. In this second step of life, it seems that he is rehearsing a role. He says it will be his last character. A multitude of voices speak through her: the second best. Characters that surround it. And in between the self, which touches the ground, buried among all the voices that want to be heard.

She pees herself laughing, sometimes sourly, ironically, she actually says she's crying. Dream in viewers for her latest role: a leading lady of lies. She is accompanied by her usual washing machine and a sewing mannequin.

Everything seems to be filled with life in this limbo where she accepts and surrenders to being the Second who, in reality, like many others, without knowing it, sustains the World in a discreet, poetic and necessary way.


Dramaturgy: Berta Giraut i Esther Villamor
Direction: Esther Villamor
Interpretation: Berta Giraut
Sound space design: Alex Polls
Costume design: Patricia Albizu
Stage and video space design: Alfonso Ferri
Lamp design: Esther VillamorAlfonso Ferri Efrén Fuentes
Photography and scenography assistant: Laia Tubio
Executive production: Anna Maruny / ANSAperANSA
Winning project of the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia i + D 2021
Residence a Fabra and Coats 20/21


From 01/03/23 to 19/03/23
Wednesday to Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturday at 17.30pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h

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