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January 1939. 500.000 people flee Franco's repression. Elna's Maternity is a song of hope. A true history of our country that you must know.

As the republican army retreats before the last thrust of Franco's army, the exile of hundreds of thousands of people begins. The most serious moment occurs in January 1939, when almost half a million people flee to France. This is how, for many, the drama of exile begins, an inhuman collective tragedy that is evidenced in French concentration camps such as that of Algiers.

La Maternitat d'Elna talks about what a very young person, Elisabeth Eidenbenz, was able to do to save pregnant women from having to give birth in the terrible hygienic, food and health conditions of the French refugee camps.

We recover this delicate story for adults that allows us to tell the real story of Elna's mothers. A true song of hope.

Opening hours

From 08/02/23 to 12/02/23
From Wednesday to Saturday at 20h
Sunday at 18h

Collocation post-function with the company to be confirmed

Artistic card

Direction: Josep Galindo
Dramaturgy: Pablo Ley
Based on the novel by Assumpta Montellà

Interpretation: Rosa Galindo
Piano: Franco Piccinno

Scenography: Project Galilei
Lighting: Anna Espunya
Costume: Project Galilei

A production of Project Galilei

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