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Two circus performers will see their lives interrupted without warning.
After being left in the middle of nowhere and without a quick solution in sight, they will no longer be able to arrive in time for the next function of their tour. Until someone deigns to show up to give them a hand, it will be up to these two to decide what to do while they wait and, with no audience around, it will not be easy to agree on this decision.

Author and director: Omar Bañón
Performers: Andrea CastellanosValentina Scapusio i Héctor Vidondo
Company: Pyrite fever
Tutor: Esperança Ferrer

Scenography: Omar Bañón
Sound space: James Edo
Changing room: Andrea Castellanos i Omar Bañón
Lighting design: Good Degree
Production: Pyrite fever i Eòlia Theater

Acknowledgments: Andrés Piza, David Fernández, Montserrat Bañón, Neus Bañón, Menkes 

A production of the Aeolian Theater and The Pyrite Fever
Aeolian Emerging Scene 2022

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