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Why do we associate Rocío Jurado with canine Spain and Alaska with the counterculture of the eighties when "la más grande" sang about female empowerment and masturbation, while Olvido Gara has been collaborating with Conference radio for years Episcopal? Does it have to do with Franco's appropriation of the Spanish song? Does it have to do with the model of woman that each artist projects and the audience they are targeting? Does it have to do with musical, aesthetic or class issues? Songs that end in fade out tries to answer these questions from the stage, turning a musicological research into a performative conference with a feminist perspective, a folkloric soul and live music.

A performative and sung conference on feminism and sexual dissent in the music of the Spanish Transition. A winning project of the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia i + D 2022.


From 30/11/22 to 04/12/22
From Wednesday to Saturday at 20h
Sunday at 18h


Original idea: Salvador S. Sanchez
Creation and interpretation: Salvador S. Sanchez, Moreno ribbon Joel Moreno Codinachs
Management support: Rocío Manzano

Company photography: Núria Gámiz

Production: The Wisconsin Couplet i Eòlia Theater

Winning project of the Odisseu Scholarship Eolia i + D 2022

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