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Cabaret is often considered a subgenre, as a minor, trivial, superficial art linked solely and exclusively to entertainment, to have a good time with songs and choreographies where the performers go more or less lightly dressed. We often also confuse Cabaret with another genre, that of musicals that develop their action in a Cabaret.

Hold on! ” (our Cabaret) goes from masculinity, feminism, heteropatriarchy, “motherhood”, masculinity, femininity, heterosexualism, homosexuality, bisexualism and all other sexual isms; of the ugly and the beautiful, of the gaze, of the breadth of views, of the fantasies, of the body, of the society in which we live and of the society from which we come, of the freedom we claim, and of which we wish. “Hold on! ”Goes from life!

Roberto G. Alonso


From 27/10/21 to 14/11/21
Tuesday to Friday at 20 p.m.
Saturdays at 17pm and 20pm
Sunday at 18h


Dramaturgy and direction: Roberto G. Alonso
Performers: Endika, Mercedes Fernández, Mireia Ferré, Mel ·lina Island, Núria Masip, Ariane Millet, Lluis Ruiz, Natàhis Salamó

Choreography: Roberto G. Alonso
Vocal coach: Gustavo Llull
Assistant director: Priscilla· Zanni
Lamp design: Andrés Pisa
Costume advice: Eli Silas

Company: Pure Procedure

With the collaboration of Aeolian R&D

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