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Against the backdrop of the arrival of the Republic and the Civil War, this novel, initially called Colometa, focuses on Natalia's character, Colometa, a young woman who represents many others. who had to live a particularly cruel period of history. Natalia accepts without grumbling everything that life, and her husband Quimet, impose on her. He even agrees to change his name to Colometa. Like many women of the time, she will see her loved ones leave and die, go hungry and have difficulty raising children. Immersed in a marriage that does not provide happiness and united to a selfish man, Natalia renounces her own identity by giving full prominence to her husband, accepting the conventionalisms of an era that left women in the background. Throughout the text, the reader discovers this woman's resignation to the reality she has had to live.

The novel is also an ideal chronicle of post-war Barcelona and how the life of Barcelona was marked by this historical period.

November 27, 2021 in the Great Hall of the Cooperative Municipal Theater

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