According to data from the World Health Organization, in the first world, one in five minors suffers sexual abuse before reaching the age of seventeen. One in five. Between twenty-three and twenty-five percent of girls and between ten and fifteen percent of boys. There are several studies that establish that between eighty and ninety percent of these abuses are carried out by members of the victim's trusted environment. In seventy percent of cases, the aggressors are the parents themselves or the closest relatives. Child sexual abuse is a public health problem that requires specialized attention, but above all an urgent awareness on the part of society as a whole.

Even so, it remains a robust cultural taboo. Most cases are not only never reported, but there is a clear pattern of denial among the victims. The woman without heart explores, in the form of a psychological thriller, the transmission mechanism used by abuse between the different generations of the same family. We will put under our focus the seed of domestic violence to try to understand how it is done to germinate and develop roots which, often, are undetectable and almost impossible to destroy. Following the adventure that the piece proposes, we will gradually understand the engines that drive the identity crisis in which the protagonist is caught and that will lead us to a denouement, not to be feared, but less bleak.

From June 27 to 30.

From Thursday to Friday at 20pm.
Saturday at 17pm and 20pm.
Sunday at 18 p.m.

Dramaturgy and direction: Joseph Julien
Performers: Alba Gallén, Paula Lozano, Mar Molina, Rosa Pedro, Atria, Yasmin Burtin, Iria Rodríguez and Sergio Xalabarder
Management Assistant: Gemma Ribalta
Lamp design: Isabel Joaniquet
Voice advice: Oriol Guinart
Movement advice: Georgia Vardarou
Poster image: Mar Molina
Company: LaKorral

A production ofAeolian Emerging Scene 2024