The 7 day of July began the work of ESAD Aeolian Research Group in col·laboració amb Articulate Anatomy, Irish theater company. The title of the project is “Giving voice to silence“. Until the end of this month the participants, 4 Irish actors and 4 students from Aeolian, will be immersed in a research process as from the theater you can give voice to emotions and silenced events (historical memory, trauma, silenced events, silent experiences), of a group or a person, producing a healing, liberating effect through sharing and being seen and looked at instead of being excluded.

At the end of this workshop, on July 26, there will be a presentation to the public at the Plataforma i + d theater. Then, each group will continue the research during the 2015-2016 academic year in their country. The second meeting will take place in Ireland in July 2016 and will also feature an open exhibition at the Freedom and Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework® International Conference in Dublin.

The work will be guided by Helena walsh (actress, teacher and co-director of Articulate Anatomy), and, on behalf of Aeolian, Rosa Galindo (co-director of Aeolian ESAD, actress, singer and teacher) i Franco Piccinno (pianist).