On Saturday, April 11, the International Day of the Free Listening, and actors from different cities (Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Lima…) took to the streets with their posters, inviting people to share something with them.

The initiative was promoted from the project Urban Confessional and it was started a few years ago by a group of LA actors determined to propose something different. Every week they were planted in the streets of the city with posters that readFREE LISTENING”(I listen to you for free), opening up to listen to anyone who needs to laugh, cry, shout or just chat. This community has grown over time to include people from 6 different continents.

All these people have found in the exercise of opening their hearts and ears to other strangers a vital and enriching experience. They all believe deeply in the need we all have to be seen, heard and accepted.

At Aeolian we believe this project has a lot to do with the essence of the work proposed in the voice classes at Aeolian. In fact, Urban Confessional was started by some Fitzmaurice Voicework® associate professors. We wanted Barcelona to be among these cities, and that's why we proposed to our students to participate. And here you can see the result (look at our photo album)!

[fusion_testimonials] [fusion_testimonial name = ”Sílvia Mercè” avatar = ”image” image = ”” company = ”” link = ”” target = ”_ self”] Many people have shown curiosity and congratulated us on the initiative, although not have participated. In general, it was difficult for us to gain their trust with our simple smile, but from time to time people who have shared with us a part of their lives, most of them positive, have approached us and have left with a “thank you ”And an ear-to-ear smile. [/ Fusion_testimonial] [/ fusion_testimonials]
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"Get out on the street to listen.

Sun, smiles and curiosity.

His words resonate in my biography. ”

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[fusion_testimonials] [fusion_testimonial name = ”Esther Pallejà” avatar = ”image” image = ”” companion = ”” link = ”” target = ”_ self”] The strange feeling of nudity to find yourself in front of a total unknown and offer him all your attention. An act of generosity and at the same time the opportunity to explore one's own shadow, insecurities, prejudices… The reflection of oneself that emerges in the silence of the other. [/ Fusion_testimonial] [/ fusion_testimonials]