We dedicate this work to all those who have not been looked at or listened to, to those who have suffered or died in anonymity or oblivion, to memory, which is our identity, to resilience and support. of human groups, of communication between species, of the profound beauty of this planet and of the human soul.

Saturday, 25 July at 20.30h, Platform Theater i + d
Free admission, prior reservation required eolia@eolia.cat o MONTHS MONTHS MONTHS MONTHS

Show it work of the research group d'Eòlia Barcelona School of Dramatic Art in collaboration with Articulate Anathomy-Dublin.

Investigation carried out in Eòlica from 6 on 24 in July 2015, which will continue during the 2016, including a representation in Ireland under the IV International Freedom and Focus Conference. Research focused on the theater that gives voice to silenced and forgotten events, healing and helping to free trauma in human systems, societies, countries, families and people.

We have been inspired by nature, historical memory, diversity and difference, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Royhart Work, ATB (Awarness Through the Body), artistic materials (music, texts and songs), images and audiovisual material and professional contributions. and staff from the performers and the entire Team.


IDEA AND DIRECTION: Helena Walsh - Rosa Galindo
PERFORMERS: Jone Arteagoitia, Zara Burdon, Ronan Colfer, Martí Costa and Olivé, Louise O'Meara, Jack Shanley, Àurea Vidal, Marta Vilaró de Arrieta

Images: Helena Gràcia-Dorota Gorczakowska
Lights: Anna Espunya
Technical support: Andrés Piza, Isaac Alarcón
Promotion: Carme Solé, Dorota Gorczakowska

Our thanks for the Aeolian Team and their welcome during the rehearsals.