This training aims to provide the teacher, the actor, or the therapist with tools for theatrical pedagogy to be able to incorporate them into regular professional practice, or to open new spaces for exploration and accompaniment. It also offers an experience of growth and broadening of the gaze for anyone who wants to enhance their communication.

We also consider this training as one TRAINING IN THE THEATER WITHOUT LIMITS®. TSL It is a look at pedagogy, from which the entire Eòlia project is nourished and that has given name to this specific area, in which we propose to experience the Theater as a way of personal development.

Addressed to:

  • Professionals of the Performing Arts (actors, singers, dancers, etc.)
  • Professionals, teachers and teachers of theater or any field
  • Health professionals, therapists, educators and social workers
  • Anyone who wants to open up to an experience and reflection in relation to communication, inclusion, support and personal deployment.

Training is offered en sessions of 6 hours each taught at the headquarters of Aeolian and the Miranda Foundation, Alt Berguedà or the Parc del Garraf.

The participants will receive a diploma of assistance. You can also attend individual sessions. Check prices at


From 15 January to 26 of March of 2022

Re-narrate from resilience with Anna Forès from 11am to 14pm

This class wants to be a meeting point to change the look. Work on resilience as a generator of opportunities. And understand theater from the resilient coordinates.

Fitzmaurice Voicework ®: Theory and practice with Rosa Galindo from 16h to 19h

Presence Breathe with what there is. Connection voice-body-emotion. Speak in public, management of stress, fear and communication. Wrong in positive. The error as a procedure of learning.

Counseling 1 and Theater with Monia Presta from 11am to 14pm

Effective, assertive communication of the teacher and theatrical work with all groups: "normal and diverse" for personal growth and change.

In this seminar there will be a theoretical-practical experience of theater with groups that have difficulties with the quality of life so that you can empathize with them. A description will be made of what are the eating disorders, what are the causes and objectives to work with this group. In addition, they will explain what anxiety disorders are and how an improvement can be obtained with relaxation methods (Shultz autogenic training). Theater can be a very powerful tool for producing change with a body-mind integration perspective.

Open the door to the imagination: We are artists! with Rai Borrell from 16pm to 19pm

Introduction and taking contact with the play, enjoying, trying, without judging, giving value to the stimuli through group dynamics, experimenting and opening the door of the imagination and creativity of each person-artist. Collective work: "Help me and I will help you."

Accept and help the group "playing". "I only understand this work as a collective work, and it is only possible from the help of one another. We will value the individual as an artistic being to play and -weave ours. Universe of the character: Personage work from the individual initiative for the "collective" group. Show in public: It is necessary to show the work and enjoy the theatrical moment with the public.

Basic dynamics and operation of the groups with Monia Presta from 11am to 14pm

In this seminar we will learn basic dynamics of the groups. We will understand how the groups work. We will deepen the influence of verbal and non-verbal communication in relationships. We will provide effective communication tools and skills to learn how to drive a group, according to the concepts of Counseling of not judging, not interpreting and being empathic with the participants.
We will work on the different stages through which a group passes (pre-contact, contact and post-contact) and its management for a good integration of the components of the group. In addition, we will reflect on the role of the group as a promoter of positive changes. The students will be able to make an experiential experience by directing a session with the group supervised by the teacher.

Bioenergetics and body reading. Tools for the teacher 1 with Toni Cardona from 16h to 19h

The structure and language of the body shows the tensions and energy blockages that have been structured to survive the difficulties of life. Helping the unblocking of the characteristic armchairs through the Bioenergetic Analysis allows the connection with the vitality and the pleasure of feeling alive.

Boosting the ability to play with Teresa Garcia Valenzuela from 11 a.m. to 14 p.m.

The theater in the different stages of development (children, adolescents and adults). Learn playing Symbiosis between content and form. Work the sensitive gaze, the artistic look. Interrelation of different artistic disciplines (music, dance, theater, art). Dramaturgy applied to classes.

The body life tool with Teresa Garcia Valenzuela from 16pm to 19pm

Our body, our presence, becomes an essential tool for reading our practice and evolving it. We experience the ability we all have to listen to information that comes from the body and the environment and make conscious use of that information. We will also experience how the body can be modeled according to perception or point of view and how body and environment relate and shape each other.

Fundamental Contents

The body: an educational and life tool. The possibility of experiencing the body as a source of information and guidance for educational practice.
The different dimensions that make us a physical, energetic, emotional and mental space.

Vivid content

Listening is a process that changes and tones the perception.
The body speaks to us through movement and quietness, body tone and coordination.
The fundamental support of the earth and of the breathing.
The processes of care: active and receptive care, focused care, multiple and expanded care.
Living in the body of trust and belonging, of limits and of energetic projection.
Contact with tact.
The regenerative and creative potential of listening.

Counseling 2 and Theater with Monia Presta from 11am to 14pm

Effective, assertive communication of the teacher and theatrical work with all groups: "normal and diverse" for personal growth and change.

Theoretical-practical experience of theater with groups affected by psychophysical problems, so that you can empathize when working on it. First, chronic pain: what it consists of (fibromyalgia, diffuse pain in the body and fatigue) and what are the goals to work with those affected. The intervention from the theater allows to approach the sensory, affective and cognitive aspects of the people who suffer this condition, something that contributes to alleviate the suffering. Likewise, Labanmovement, writing, and relaxation can facilitate emotional expression and help, improve mood and self-esteem, lower anxiety, focus attention on the here and now, and improve the quality of life of those affected.
Secondly, we will treat a problem unfortunately due to the crisis: unemployment. People without work suffer from lack of self-esteem, low energy and shortages of social contacts. There will be an experiential class where we will perform improvisations related to the subject and we will also face the problem from the so-called social theater, in order that people learn to be proactive and overcome situations of discomfort.

Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management level 1 with Marco Areddu from 16pm to 19pm

Use and discovery of the body as a primary instrument of work through neuro-movement and psychomotor skills. Analysis of the five senses and connection with emotions. Personal development and growth program of interconnection between body and present space. Starting with concepts of emotional intelligence come to define progress and blockages in ATTITUDE and EMPATHY in a work group. Apply systemic dynamics of group movement, improve coordination and teamwork, through issues of neuro-leadership (study of roles). From connecting with your body, improve connecting with others.

Seminar and closing course with horses at Garraf with Rosa Galindo from 10h to 17h

Encounter at the headquarters of the Miranda Foundation at Parc del Garraf, teaching and proximity practices.


Pending new dates

Whoever does not laugh is never a serious person with Monia Presta from 11am to 14pm

In this seminar we will get in touch with our inner clown and we will make a journey of self-knowledge of our expressive comic possibilities. Contacting our comic part is a way to connect with our inner child, that is, the spontaneous, simple and positive part of the human being. We will learn to discover the different mechanisms and comic times, to create gags and discover our indoor clown. By doing an experiential experience we can apply the knowledge learned in pedagogical practice.
In addition, since laughter and positive thinking are therapeutic for itself, we will work all parts of the body by releasing tensions, relaxing, stimulating the production of beta-endorphins that regulate mood and increase immune defenses .

Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management level 2 with Marco Areddu from 16pm to 19pm

Do you want to connect with your body in a more authentic and sincere way?
Would you like to work on your nonverbal communication and take care of your body language by overcoming your limiting fears and beliefs?
Does anything stop you from moving forward towards your success and your personal and professional fulfillment? Learning space in motion. you will work with your body and your emotions in a conscious and authentic way. group work training between body and mind.
Through the powerful tools of coaching and conscious movement you will be able to achieve your greatest challenge !!!

A pedagogical-practical vision from neuroscience with Jesús Guillén from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19pm 

The aim of the seminar is to introduce the concepts and methods characteristic of neuro-education so that theater teachers can better understand the basic principles of learning according to the latest advances in brain knowledge. The basic issues that we will work with are the following:

1. Brain plasticity. Importance of the growth mentality.
2. Emotions. We cannot separate the emotional from the cognitive.
3. Attention. How to optimize it.
4. Memory and learning. Different types of memory that condition learning.
5. Cos. Exercise, sleep and nutrition for better brain health.
6. Game. Basic learning mechanism.
7. Creativity. Ways to improve it.
8. Cooperation. Need to work cooperatively.

Each section will work in a vivid way, sharing empirical evidence, analysis and personal experiences.

Bioenergetics and body reading. Tools for the teacher with Toni Cardona from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19pm

The structure and language of the body show the tensions and energy blockages that have been structured to survive the difficulties of life. Helping the unblocking of the characteristic armchairs through the Bioenergetic Analysis promotes the connection with the vitality and the pleasure of feeling alive.

Dramatic concepts in action with Àlex Mañas from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19pm

The intention of the workshop is to approach the universal concepts of dramaturgy from a practical point of view. Different practical improvisation exercises will be performed to recognize the basic elements of the construction of fiction: situation of balance, conflict, action, climax, characters, objectives, obstacles… And then they will be analyzed from a more theoretical point of view. . The starting point is the idea that theater is an act of communication and therefore we will look for ways so that all the dramatic elements can be at the service of the message.

Communicate (From Latin, I communicate - share, connect, make common, infect).

Seminar and closing of course with Rosa Galindo from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19pm


  • Level 1 - € 395
  • Level 2 - € 295

* 5% discount if you sign up for both levels (655 €)



Coach trained in ACTP program (Accredited coach training program) by ICF (International Coaching Federation).
Facilitator in personal and team change processes in companies.
Coach of movement and non-verbal language in EOLIA.
Choreographer and dancer: passionate about the perfect combination of body, art and consciousness.
Master in “Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching” at BUSINESS SCHOOL BCN (2019).
NLP Course (Neuro Linguistic Programming) FOMENT BCN.
Creator of the program "Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management."


Actor, singer and trainer in various disciplines. Graduated from the Aeolian School (2000-2004) and graduated from the Theater College (1999-2001) in Barcelona. Postgraduate module in “Theater and Education”, “Group Management and Dynamics” with Georges Laferrière (2014, Theater Institute). iplomat in Technical Architecture (1996, UPC.) Theater actor (Impromptu Teatre, Malrayo Impro), musical theater (Dagoll Dagom), Cinema (Ventura Pons), Television (Antena 3, TV3), Advertising. Since 2009 as a regular trainer in acting, musical comedy, theatrical improvisation and music, theater for dancers… in Eòlia, Escola Luthier, Aula de Teatre de Mataró, Vocal Factory, Complot Escènic, Factoria Dimo ​​de Barcelona. Since 2011 trainer of Theater without Limits, theater for people with specific problems in the Aeolian.

toni-cardona-TSL-EoliaTONI CARDONA

The experience of many years of personal work and also as a Bioenergetic Analyst with children, adolescents and adults in individual and group therapy allows me a certain perspective to state that Bioenergetic Analysis is an approach that opens the understanding of being, the path to the pleasure of feeling alive and rooted in the world; it connects us with vitality and hope in the ability to lead our own lives with creativity and love ”.

Anna-Fores-TSL-EoliaANNA FORÉS

Doctor in Philosophy and Education Sciences and a Bachelor's in Pedagogy from the University of Barcelona. "I dedicate myself to everything that has to do with humanization, to keep believing in the human genre, or to make our life more human, therefore: social education, resilience, neuro-neurotic and e-learning .



Actress and singer. He has worked with the most prestigious directors of the Catalan theatrical scene developing his career as a performer of musical theater. Co-founder and co-director of Eòlia Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic and of the Miranda Project Foundation. Associate Professor of Fitzmaurice Voicework ©. Interessed and passionate about the connection voice-body-emotion, the connection with nature, human communication and between species.



His path is oriented towards the art of presence. She has a degree in contemporary dance from the Institut del Teatre with recognition of equivalence to the higher degree. Diploma in Social Education from the University of Barcelona and in Leisure Activities Management from the Pere Tarrés Foundation. She has worked professionally as a choreographer, actress, dancer and movement assistant in plays and visual arts since 1996. She highlights her seminars with Jader Tolja, a researcher in the relationship between body, culture and identity. He embarks on interdisciplinary artistic or educational projects in order to give voice to the body dimension and enrich his research.

hope-gonzalez-bnM. ESPERANZA GONZÁLEZ

Degree in Psychology at the UB. He has a masters in Premature Care and is the creator and director of the Center for Children in Childhood, focusing on childhood psychology, maternity-paternity and family diversity. She is a psychologist and trainer of the entity TRANSFORMAS, which develops theatrical activity in groups characterized by diversity and attention to social exclusion. He is also a collaborator and researcher of Erasmus + programs focused on the role of theater and theater creation spaces in personal and community development, as well as their connection to power relations in everyday life.

jesus-guillen-bnJESÚS GUILLÉN

Member of the chair of neuroeducation UB-Edu1st. Professor in the postgraduate and master's degrees in neuroeducation at the University of Barcelona and the diploma in Neurosciences and emotions in learning at the Vila María National University of Argentina, among others. Although he currently works with adults, he has many years of experience teaching science at almost every educational stage. Creator of the pioneering blog in Spain on neuroeducation School with Brain, which has more than six million views, author of the book Neuroeducation in the classroom. From theory to practice and co-author of Neuromites in education. Learning from neuroscience, among others. He collaborates in different publications, such as the magazine Journal of Education, of which he is a member of the Advisory Board.


Degree in Education Sciences from the University of Münster (Germany) Diploma in Shiatsu by the European Institute of Shiatsu (Europäische Shiatsu Institute). Shiatsu multidimensional postgraduate course by Pauline Sasaki. It is formed by the Center of News Directions of England in Diapason Therapy. And in Taitxi and Txikung by the Sillpoint Foundation, Colorado (USA). Have your own query in Barcelona from 1997. Training in Light-Grids with Damien Wynne. He is a member of Apse (Association of Professionals of Shiatsu in Spain). From 1982, teaches Taitxi and Txikung. He has worked with Gerard Arlandes for more than thirty years. And from 2011, the Gerard Arlandes Center co-directs.

alex-manasÀLEX MAÑAS

Author and theater director. Graduate in Law from the UB, and has completed the postgraduate course in the direction of actors in the URL. He has been a communication professor at the Bar Association of Barcelona and from 2006 he is the doctors and professionals related to biochemistry for the Dr. Foundation. Esteve. He has taught Cinematographic Screening at the UPF's Faculty of Publicity and Public Relations, and has worked on writing seminars and presenting scientific articles at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UPF.

Mar-Medina-TSL-EoliaMAR MEDINA

She trained as a dancer in different European cities, mainly in Barcelona with A. Morin, L. Hernández and A. Corchero, and in New York in Movement Research with L. Nelson, S. Paxton and J. Nelson and with the SITI Company d 'Anne Bogart. Her interest in the study of the moving body led her to graduate in 2007 as a professor of Alexander Technique. He collaborates with different companies such as Iliacan, Théâtre de l'Archipiel, Compagnie Taffanel, Headlong Dance Theater and La Fortaleza. He teaches dance, movement and technique Alexander.



Teacher, author and director of theater. Diploma in Nursing from the UB. He trained as an actress in Eolia where he also studied dramaturgy and direction. She is the coordinator of Eolia Planter and teacher of creative interpretation and writing for children, adolescents and adults.

monia-lendsMONIA PRESTA

Clinical Psychologist and actress. Specialized in individual and group therapy, Theater therapy and Counseling. Professor in different masters of Psychology from the University of Girona (UdG). Author of the book "Apply yourself" (Luciérnaga - Grupo Planeta). He gives courses at the College of Psychologists of Catalonia and in other centers of the City of Barcelona. Contributor to the program of psychology of Catalunya Ràdio "The job of living".


Degree in Medicine and PhD in Philosophy. He works as director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (URNC) and of the “Social Brain” Chair in the Department of Psychiatry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In addition to publishing scientific research articles in journals specializing in neuroscience, he is the author of The dissolution of the mind. A hypothesis about how the brain feels, thinks and communicates (Editorial Tusquets, 2002), and from Robot word Artificial intelligence and communication (European Prize for Scientific Dissemination General Study, Editions Bromera, 2004). His work is also a neuroscientist's passion for theater and literature Of snakes and glasses of water, prize "Micalet" (Denes, 2003), the libretto of the opera Casparo (Palau de la Música, 2011) designed for singers and robots and with music by Luc Steels (one of the pioneers in Artificial Intelligence in Europe), as well as the libreto auspicious (La Monnaie, Brussels, 2017). He has also published a novel, Fair play, “Ferran Canyameres” award (Pagès Editors 2004).

Rosa-Vela-TSL-EoliaROSA VELA

Teacher and professor of experimental sciences. Creator and former director of the institute. Trainer of trainers in Basic Competences at the UB. Coordinator in Research and Research in High Capacity Students. Educational intervention. Inclusive School of the ICE of the UB. Integral Master Coaching for ASESCO and ICF.

The teachers tell us the Training in Theater Pedagogy:

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Rosa Galindo

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Monia Presta

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Teresa García-Valenzuela

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Rosa Galindo

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Rai Borrell

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Anna Forés