Intensive courses during the year

Throughout the year in Eòlia we offer intensive courses in acting, stage direction and drama, musical theater, communication, dubbing, movement coaching, dance and body, for more information you can subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to

Courses in English

With Tony Corvillo

These courses are addressed to English speaking actors who either want to learn the basics of acting.

Prepare your Videobook

With La Masia Reels and Alicia Verdes

Pack of: Training + Acting Coach + Videobook. Find out what they ask to make a good videobook.

Dubbing practices

With Montse Miralles and Onda Estudios

The aim of the courses is to train the interpreter in the art of dubbing, both from an artistic and technical point of view.

Talk in public

With Rosa Galindo and Alex Mañas

Course intended for all those interested in improving their verbal and physical communication in the execution of speeches, negotiations or other types of oral presentations.

Coaching movement

With Marco Areddu

  • Recovering your innate structure
  • Journey to the body
  • Emotions and body
  • Stress management through movement
  • Body, horses and freedom