22 02, 2024

Yoga masterclasses


Through the basis of traditional classical yoga, guidelines are given that can be fundamental both for [...]

Yoga masterclasses2024-02-26T12:18:54+01:00
22 11, 2023

Take advantage of the Carnet Jove!


Special prices for enrollment and courses for new students 20% discount on enrollment for [...]

Take advantage of the Carnet Jove!2023-11-23T11:07:47+01:00
21 11, 2023

Find your voice with Enric Montefusco


The workshop is a helping hand, a push, towards the abyss of the most personal and non-transferable. Directed [...]

Find your voice with Enric Montefusco2023-11-23T12:23:58+01:00
21 11, 2023

Initiation to interpretation


Do you want to encourage your theatrical artistic vocation? If you feel that the theater is calling you, but you are not sure [...]

Initiation to interpretation2023-12-20T13:35:16+01:00
2 10, 2023

On-camera performance with Tony Corvillo


Acting in front of the camera demands from the performer a very high level of intimacy, truth and organicity. It is necessary to apply [...]

On-camera performance with Tony Corvillo2023-11-23T11:11:01+01:00
7 05, 2023

Daulte acting training with Carme Poll


The Daulte Procedure, created by the Argentinian director Javier Daulte, is based on the emotional training of the actor from improvisations very well [...]

Daulte acting training with Carme Poll2023-09-04T11:48:13+02:00
28 04, 2023

Jazz dance Bob Fosse style with Aina Torné


In this course we will delve deeper into this particular style and set up the Cell block tango choreography, from [...]

Jazz dance Bob Fosse style with Aina Torné2023-05-26T12:59:41+02:00