Intensive courses during the year

Throughout the year in Eòlia we offer intensive courses in acting, stage direction and drama, musical theater, communication, dubbing, movement coaching, dance and body, for more information you can subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to

Preparation for the entrance exam

The course consists of different work sessions in order to support the aspirants in the future tests, by the hand of professionals linked to the school.

Intensive summer courses 2022

Dramaturgy, Writing, Performing, Camera, Singing, Musical Theater, Dubbing, Coaching and more…

Organic interpretation

with Nelson Valente

This seminar aims to provide the work of the actor / actress with a key to the discovery and / or reunion with their deepest expressive resources, those that were left under a series of formulas installed or did not have the time or the space to breathe.

Dubbing practices

with Montse Miralles and ONDA estudios

Intensive courses in dubbing practices in a professional studio. The aim of the courses is to train the actor in the art of dubbing, both from an artistic and technical point of view.

Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management

with Marco Areddu

  • Recovering your innate structure
  • Journey to the body
  • Emotions and body
  • Creative movement laboratory
  • Body, horses and freedom

Collective Masterclasses

with Anna Feu, Akiko Nomoto, Jesús Fernández and Marta Fiol

Option to sign up for independent sessions. It will work for two Saturdays a month. Attention will be paid to vocal, body performance, fragment style, theatricality and veracity, and safety on stage.