Self-knowledge and emotional leadership program

It is a physical, emotional, spiritual journey into the body.
You will learn to connect with yourself more consciously through dynamics that will help you overcome your blockages, your fears, and limiting beliefs.
You will nurture your potential to create your best version thanks to the methodology of coaching of movement and to the eco-resonance of the group.

In each session we will analyze a part of the body: legs, torso, arms and head.

Plus a process closing session: organic work with the whole body (mind-body).

This course does not require any personal technical knowledge to complete.


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Complete training includes the three modules next:

Journey to the body
Emotions and body
Recovering your innate structure

Price for 3 modules: € 225
Price for 2 modules: € 150
Price 1 module: 79 €


ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation).
Facilitator in personal and team change processes in companies.
Coach of movement and nonverbal language in EOLIA.
Choreographer and dancer: passionate about the perfect combination of body, art and consciousness.
Master in “Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching” at BUSINESS SCHOOL BCN (2019).
NLP Course (Neuro Linguistic Programming) FOMENT BCN.
Creator of the program "Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management."