It is a process of accompaniment and reinforcement in the discovery and affirmation of personal talent.

The student will learn to connect with the body itself and with the group by training listening and strengthening the natural gifts we each have from our birth.

A learning space where values ​​and beliefs are discovered, overcoming the limitations that sometimes prevent us from acting or presenting ourselves at a casting.
In each session we will delve into all the tools the student needs to overcome their fears and feel GREAT.

The student shares his own talent (dance, singing, acting, audiovisual, music, etc.) bringing his artistic energy to the space. The student is accompanied to realize his potential when creating together with the other. It will be a session of feedback/follow-up and creativity among the group.

Bring your talent, share and receive the talent of others !!!

From 15 to 19 years



From 21 January to 4 of February of 2023
January 21 and 28 and February 4
Saturdays from 10.30h to 13.30h



ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation).
Facilitator in personal and team change processes in companies.
Coach of movement and nonverbal language in EOLIA.
Choreographer and dancer: passionate about the perfect combination of body, art and consciousness.
Master in “Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching” at BUSINESS SCHOOL BCN (2019).
NLP Course (Neuro Linguistic Programming) FOMENT BCN.
Creator of the program "Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management."

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