Ana Albornoz_Dance for stage performers_Eòlia

Body awareness and improvisation

From July 15 to 19 dand 2024

  • Morning group: from 10am to 12pm
  • Afternoon group: from 19pm to 21pm

Price: € 125 / 95 € students from Eolia

Bodily expression in the performing arts is an indispensable component. Each part of the body is closely connected with our emotions and this conditions our mobility and ability to interpret.

This intensive will give you body awareness tools and a journey to our muscle excitement, through exercises and improvisation we seek to train muscle activation and deactivation for the benefit of expanding your movement repertoire.

Ana Albornoz CV

Ballerina, teacher, choreographer and director with more than 15 years of experience, trained as a dancer in Santiago de Chile. At the age of 20, she formed the Dama Brava dance company, a street dance icon collective, the group was one of the forerunners in opening the discussion, from an artistic perspective, of women's rights. In her facet as a creator, she is a choreographer of great Chilean and foreign musicians, she has dedicated herself to research and experiment in our Latin American culture, studying in different countries. She is a creator who links dance with other disciplines, and rescues from each learning tools that can help build a bridge of connection between choreography and the reflection of the human being. As a performer, teacher and choreographer, she connects dance with our society, finding in people's everyday experiences the inspiration for the study of her artistic proposals, uniting movement with other disciplines, with music, cinema and the theatre, in a constant and friendly struggle to create value and respect for the dancer's profession. In the last 5 years she has excelled as a Video Clips choreographer and started directing her own dance videos. He has created training programs in Video Dance, giving classes in Chile, Spain and Hungary. His work seeks, from a sensitive perspective, to install reflections and bring dance closer to all kinds of audiences. He researches movement day by day, always with the aim of sharing his knowledge, expanding and being an exponent of dance in a conscious and collaborative way.