Through this intensive, we will talk about the basics of drama, write scenes and then destroy them and rebuild them later, but above all, we will focus on finding strategies and methods to unlock and different engines to inspire us. .

From the 22 26 2024 July
De 17h a 20h
Price: € 175 / 150 € students from Eolia

You learn to write by writing. But it’s always panicking, or lazy, or we look for different excuses for not doing it and then not teaching it to anyone. Through this intensive, we will talk about basic concepts of dramaturgy, we will write scenes and then destroy them and to reconstruct them later, but above all, we will focus on finding:

  • Strategies and methods for sitting down to write or unblock us (it's a decision, and a sacrifice - you'd always choose something better to do-).
  • Different engines to inspire us, and write about what we really want and above all, get rid of the fear of doing so (trap or cheesy songs are also worth it).
  • And finally, I will try to make it clear that writing is not as complicated and solemn as you think, if you are true to yourself. So, in these two weeks, we will try to write as much as we can.

PS: Please select a scene, video clip, photo or painting and various songs. Remember to bring your laptop and headphones to listen to music.

Daniel J. Meyer

Playwright, theater director and drama teacher.
He studied Theater Arts at COSATYC/ANDAMIO 90 with
specialization in theatrical direction and interpretation. He has been living in Barcelona for 20 years, where he has developed his professional career.

Author of several theatrical works, among which stands out AKA (Also Known As) translated into 9 languages, premiered in several countries (Argentina, Greece -2024–, Finland -2024–, upcoming productions to be confirmed) published (in Catalan -Ed. Flyhard, Spanish – Ed. Antigona and German – Neofilis) multi-awarded (MAX Award, Butaca and Florenci Uruguay., Hugo Awards Argentina, among others)
UPPGIVENHET (National Theater of Catalonia, January 2023 – published by TNC),
SCRATCH (Villarroel, 2023 – published by Fundació SGAE), SHOÀ, and has written and directed all the works of DISCARTABLE TEATRE.

In the 2023/24 season, his play PRIVATE premiered in Barcelona, ​​at the Teatre Gaudí (Barcelona), and the play LEGAT at the Teatre Akadèmia (Barcelona)

He has worked with companies as a director, dramaturg, or consultant and in several large-format musicals in the direction department. In the pedagogical field, he has given classes all over the territory.
Founding partner together with Montse Rodríguez Clusella of the production company AKA TEATRO.