Want to connect with your body in a more conscious way? The change begins now!

Use and discovery of the body as a fundamental instrument of work through neuro-movement and psychomotor activity. Analysis of the five senses and connection with emotions.


Five-way analysis and connection with emotions. (ACT OF KNOWLEDGE). Body and connection with others in the present space (ETHER KNOWLEDGE). Systemic dynamics to strengthen coordination in high-performing teams and enhance leadership (WHAT KIND OF LEADER ARE YOU?). Study of the combination of techniques of Coaching of movement enhancing the listening and the power of the questions (POSITIVE INTENTION). Facilitate learning through non-verbal language (BODY-ART-CONSCIOUSNESS).


Journey to the body

Recovering your innate structure

Emotions and body

Body, horses and freedom

Create your talent

GEM Stress management through movement


Complete training includes the three modules next:

Recovering your innate structure
Journey to the body
Emotions and body

Price for 3 modules: € 225
Price for 2 modules: € 150
Price 1 module: 79 €

Private sessions of Movement Coaching:

  • Free prior interview pack + 5 sessions: €390
  • Individual session of 90 min: €80


Personal development and growth program of interconnection between body and present space. Starting with concepts of emotional intelligence to define progress and blockages in ATTITUDE and EMPATHY in a work group. Apply systemic dynamics of group movement, improve coordination and teamwork, through issues of neuro-leadership (study of roles). From connecting with your body, improve connecting with others.

Functional unlock through dynamics of coaching of movement and self-knowledge. Work as a team and enhance active listening by overcoming the blockages we feel in the present moment. Develop your full creative potential through your body and your movements.


People who want to get to know each other better and study their own body under a different approach, overcome blockages and be in harmony with others. Artists who want to connect with space and the present moment through the body as a working instrument, actors, directors, athletes, dancers…


ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation).
Facilitator in personal and team change processes in companies.
Coach of movement and nonverbal language in EOLIA.
Choreographer and dancer: passionate about the perfect combination of body, art and consciousness.
Master in “Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching” at BUSINESS SCHOOL BCN (2019).
NLP Course (Neuro Linguistic Programming) FOMENT BCN.
Creator of the program "Movement coaching, emotional leadership and change management."


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Testimony of Mateo Vergara, Animator of public in television.

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Witness of Lola Usón, actress and interior designer.

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Testimony of Anna Álvarez, Horse Assisted Training Coaching.

Pictures of the coaching practices of February 28, 2020

Pictures of the coaching practices of February 7, 2020

Pictures of the Coaching course of January 25 and 26, 2020

Images of the Coaching course on October 24 and 25, 2019

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Images of the 12 and 13 Coaching course in July of 2019