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Camps organized by Miranda Foundation with collaboration ofEolia al Pla de l'Orri, Alt Berguedà (1h and 45 min. From Barcelona).


"A school of life in nature between free horses "



A natural space in the high mountains where the horses are free. A world where horses and humans can communicate and establish trusted bonds for a lifetime. An opportunity to connect with our essence and remember that we are also nature.

What do we offer

The framework of the foundation is very broad and we are a team that shares values ​​and purposes, and that from various areas, we offer our presence and experience to the children and young people of the camps.

This wealth allows us to awaken and welcome concerns of life, art, communication and connection with animals, environmental, nutritional…



Coexistence is aimed at deploying awareness and enjoying and sharing this personal and group process.

With the accompaniment we want to leave space when realizing it of each one, favoring the responsibility, the respect by the different sensibilities in the group and the mutual collaboration. Everyday tasks and rituals, relationships between us and also with animals, the natural environment, listening training and the creative process allow us to create multiple situations where we realize how we are, what we do and what our intentions are. , to recognize limits and open ourselves to new possibilities. The leaders of the group, Teresa and Noemi, have a professional artistic career and a pedagogical career in the line of living education with experience in the foundation's camps. We also have three days each week with Anna Alvarez, who accompanies us from a systemic perspective on the link with horses and dogs.



Multiple opportunities to listen and feel listened to with people, with animals, in nature…

  • Listening training.
  • Coaching with horses and dogs.
  • Creative process
  • Ethology of free horses and signs of calmness.
  • Land and custody activities of the territory.
  • Daily slogans where we can share our group process.
  • Excursions with a picnic.
  • Ritual trips
  • Walk of silence at the signing of the Gall Fer and native fauna.
  • Histories of lives of horses and dogs.
  • Tell you every night
  • Nights overflowing with stars.
  • Free time with the option of embarking on individual or group projects.
  • Plastic expression material.
  • Wit puzzles, cards, board games and selected books.


Scout training:

Consistent with the accompaniment and as a training of attention and our body, to raise awareness and empower us. We do this through rituals and practices, mindfulness games, physical structure games, and energy discharge.


Coaching with horses and dogs- Presence and bond:

The systemic methodology contemplates the person as part of a system, first of all familiar but also social. This look makes the relational aspect relevant. The fact of relating ourselves to the healthy and balanced systems of the horses and dogs of the Foundation, allows us to communicate and build relationships with responsibility, sensitivity and respect.

Through different practices we will experiment with listening, presence, language

nonverbal, emotional management, leadership and collaboration.


Creative process:

The creative process generates a magical space, where to enjoy the presence in communication. Everyone has a place and can find their own way to contribute to collective creation. We will find our perceptual and expressive richness to experience from our own sensitivity, imagination, mimesis with nature, chorality and attunement with other beings. Word dramas, movements, shapes, designs, sounds, textures…

We will invite love for the creative fact, beyond affinity and personal tastes.

The benchmarks and foundations of our proposal are the ATB (Awareness Through the Body) and sensory awareness, dance and theater from multiple approaches including contact dance, viewpoints, katsugen and yuki, the aikido, yoga, physical theater and acrobatics.


Farm and environmental care tasks:

We will take care of the territory that welcomes us contributing our energy to small tasks of the farm and to projects within the plan of custody of the territory such as the conservation project for the rooster, the limestone quays and the mature forest. We will adapt the variety of tasks to the characteristics of each group (detection and elimination of invasive plants, garbage collection garbage, construction of refuges and troughs for animals and insects).


Experience tells us that each camp has been and will be different, we do it together. The schedule and proposals are adapted to the pace and needs of the group. We will prioritize those activities that favor the purpose of the camps and an enriching process.

We have a flexible time structure throughout the six days of the camps in order to accommodate everyone and adapt to the maximum of the group's process and the weather.


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