The aim of these courses is to promote a good musical and vocal base so that the singer gains security to achieve his musical goals. The sessions are organized as a workshop where the sung voice and musicality are trained through dynamic and creative classes. The workshops will end with a presentation at the Aeolian Theater.

… When the characters in the musicals have to move on

This will be the leitmotif of the final show.

How many songs and how many characters are in impossible moments to overcome!

We will explore these emotions and find out how to make it all work out. A rich path full of interpretive nuances that will give us the strength to grow, to evolve.

From 15 from February to 22 in June of 2022
Tuesdays from 12.30h to 15h


Àngels Sánchez CV
Gustavo Llull CV

We will do. rock musicals! We will make musicals of rock!

We will rock you, Rent, Hair, Our House, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Wall, School of Rock… and many more, will be mixed in this workshop dedicated to powerful musicals and rockers! The strength, intensity and "temperament" of these musicals will lead us to work on songs that require a way of feeling, performing and singing that can only be addressed if we dare to connect with the depths of our passions. . A workshop in which we will investigate the vocal and bodily qualities, we will feel the music and the rhythm inside us and above all, we will enjoy singing and messing around a bit with songs from mythical musicals from the history of Rock.

From 21 from February to 20 in June of 2022
Mondays from 19pm to 21.30pm


Mone Teruel CV
 Marc Font CV