The aim of these courses is to promote a good musical and vocal base so that the singer gains security to achieve his musical goals. The sessions are organized as a workshop where the sung voice and musicality are trained through dynamic and creative classes. The workshops will end with a presentation at the Aeolian Theater.

Next to normal

From 19 from February to 17 in June of 2024
Mondays from 19pm to 21.30pm


Núria Llausí (Vocal technique and interpretation)
Adrià Aguilera (Musical director and pianist)

Spring Awakening

From February 20 to June 18, 2024. PLE GROUP
Tuesdays from 11am to 14pm


Marc Vilavella (Vocal technique and interpretation)
Gustavo Llull (Musical director and pianist)


Adrià Aguilera CV

Núria Llausí CV

Gustavo LLull. Pianist

Gustavo Llull CV

Marc Vilavella. Music and Cant

Marc Vilavella CV