El training plan It aims to provide the user with a good one basis to develop your particular sound, express yourself fluently and with authenticity, and at the same time Understand your voice, take care of it and make the most of it.

Itinerary designed to offer a complete training of the singer. Potential tour of 3 years, 2 days a week in the morning or afternoon, includes subjects such as comprehensive singing technique, musical language, song interpretation, musical workshop and private singing sessions.

First course

Subjectsh / week
Comprehensive 1 / 2 singing technique2,5
Musical language 11,5
Singular number 140min

Second course

Subjectsh / week
1/2 style lab1,5
Interpretation of songs 1 / 22 3
Musical language 21,5
Singular number 240min

Third year

Subjectsh / week
Tec advanced in t. musical1,5
Musical project 1 / 22 3
Musical language 31,5
Singular number 340min

More information on the basic plan of singing of Free Training


Private classes 30, 40 or 60 minutes
Classes of musical language (different levels)
Intensive courses all year round (on request)