* Subject of first course of the optional Block Singing and musical of the Free Degree.

In these courses we will train the sung voice and the musical ear through group exercises and songs. Individual songs will also be worked on, in order to deepen the emotional and vocal expression in different musical genres, which can be chosen by the students themselves.
The group songs are designed to enjoy the energy of collective singing and to develop the singing ear in voices. They will work on group themes from Avenue Q, Wicked, The Miserables, In the Heights…
The course will incorporate the application of the concepts learned in the subject Integral technique of singing 1, but it can also be taken individually.


From October 3, 2022 to June 20, 2023

Two times to choose from:
Morning group: Monday 11.15pm - 14.15pm
Afternoon group: Tuesday 19pm - 20.30pm

Teachers: Àurea Vidal (morning group) and Jone Arteagoitia (afternoon group)


Subject without access requirements. It is important that you have sung aloud before so that you can comfortably follow the subject.


Jone Arteagoitia CV Áurea Vidal CV