* This subject corresponds to INTEGRAL SINGING TECHNIQUE 2 of the optional Singing and Musical Block of the Free Degree.

In the art world, a singer must be able to master a wide range of music styles. Each musical genre involves a certain vocal expression to achieve the right style.
This subject delves into the training of musicality in singing different styles of music, types of songs and ways of singing.

From September 19, 2022 to June 20, 2023

Monday 17.30pm - 19pm
Teacher: Clara Sallago


Interpretation and style 1 (September-February)

Analysis and familiarity with the components and options that contribute to communication and
expression through the voice in music of different genres (pop, soul, rock, legit, world music…).
How do we connect the voice with the lyrics and the musical style?
During the course each participant will apply the concepts learned in the group songs and in solo songs from their own repertoire.

Interpretation and style 2 (February-June)

In the second semester we will delve deeper into the stylistic components of modern music with the application in specific repertoire of musical theater. We will analyze the appropriate stylistic and technical application for group songs of different musicals and personal vocal performance in duets and solos.

How do we better connect with our own voice when we are playing a character? How to improve your connection with the public? How to experience and convey an emotional journey? In this course we will solve all these challenges.


To be able to join this course, you must have passed the first year subjects of the Singing and Music Blog of our free degree or have previous experience in singing. This means basic notions of music and singing (it will also be appreciated to know the basics of Estill Voice Training).

Apply for your place by sending an email to eolia@eolia.cat detailing your training and amateur and / or professional experience in music and singing.


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