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20 12, 2023

Musical Theater Workshops


The aim of these courses is to promote a good musical and vocal base so that the singer gains security [...]

Musical Theater Workshops2024-02-09T15:26:44+01:00
20 09, 2023

Cant lab


*First-year subject of the optional Song and Musical Block of the Free Degree. In this course we will train [...]

Cant lab2023-11-20T15:15:50+01:00
26 07, 2023

Comprehensive singing technique


Voice training through exercises designed to develop better proprioception and ability to apply [...]

Comprehensive singing technique2023-10-03T14:39:23+02:00
20 07, 2023

Song interpretation


At a general level, in this course it is intended that each student can work on a selection of different topics [...]

Song interpretation2023-10-03T14:58:21+02:00
22 07, 2022

Musical language for singers


Course indicated for singers of modern or musical theater who do not know how to read sheet music. They will work [...]

Musical language for singers2023-10-03T15:34:32+02:00
14 06, 2022

Training 3 years Singing and Musical


The Cant i Musical training blog aims to provide the user with a good basis to develop their particular sound, [...]

Training 3 years Singing and Musical2022-06-15T14:42:18+02:00