The repertoire that has been prepared in the individual singing classes in front of the other students will be worked for two Saturdays a month (or more according to the number of registered students), with the teacher Anna Feu, the pianist Akiko Nomoto and the theater coach together, paying attention to vocal, bodily performance, fragment style, theatricality and veracity, and safety on stage.

There will be duets, trios and quartets with the singers participating in the Masterclass, as well video and audio recordings to observe and comment on all these aspects and yours evolution throughout the course. Students will work in two alternate groups at the same time, a group it will do so by paying attention to theatrical expression in a classroom with the theater coach * of the quarter and the other he does it also while working the vocation i music with Anna Feu and Akiko Nomoto and in the middle of the morning they will exchange. At the end of each quarter it will be done A concert shows all the work fact

Teaching staff:

Anna Feu (vocal coach), Akiko Nomoto (repertorist pianist) i Jesús Fernández i Marta Fiol (theater coaches).

Dates and times 2022: Saturdays from 9.45h to 15h

08 of October
22 of October

05 November
26 November

10 of December
December 17 master's degree and concert at 13.30:XNUMX p.m


Price for external students:
Complete Master's: vocal work with pianist + interpretative coach = 60 €
Simple Master: vocal work with pianist = 50 €

Price for singing or great masters students:
Complete Master's: vocal work with pianist + interpretative coach = 55 €
Simple Master: vocal work with pianist = 45 €

Option to join the Masterclass loose

La Masterclassess is also open to singers outside the school and also a relatives or friends at the listener level and of form free.

The definitive duration of the Masterclassess will depend on the number of students enrolled in each session and must be done in advance of the last week of the previous month as late.