A piece and a concertante

INTELLIGIBILITY and EXPRESSIVITY will be worked on. MUSIC IS THE LYRICS. The general meaning of what is meant, prosody, diction, accentuation as the first step to a correct musical interpretation. We will unblock the GEST and the ENERGY, we will identify the gestural “tics” and the deficits or surpluses of tension. We will work on the MATT / ENERGY duality in interpretation. We will look for the CONFLICT of the play and we will develop its dramaturgy. It will work on the comprehension of the text, the dramaturgy, the historical context of the creation, the emotional journey, the expressive technical support and the strategies of reception of the pieces chosen by the student.

The course will have the Masterclass format. Each active student enrolled in the whole course will work at least 4 times before others during the course days in a stipulated timetable. There will also be shared sessions for concertantes work that will be distributed according to the sessions contracted. It is important to attend the maximum hours of the course while the other students work, in order to better understand the work that is being done.

Active students will need to prepare a solo and a memory concertante in Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian or English in order to work comfortably and freely. The chosen pieces must be communicated to the organization fifteen days before the start of the course in order to make them known in advance to the pianist and the teachers. Each student will also work a concertante who will decide the coordination of the course a few days before.

The course includes an essay with the pianist of the pieces to be worked on in the course, in a schedule to be specified before the start. The selection of singers and fragments of the final concert will be a decision by Joan LLuis Bozzo. The course reserves the right to add the necessary participants, while doing more work for a singer if the proper functioning of the course requires it.


From 20 to 23 April 2023

Thursday 20 from 16pm to 20pm
Friday 21st from 12pm to 15pm and from 16pm to 19.30pm
Saturday 22nd from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19.30pm
Sunday 23 from 11am to 14pm and from 16pm to 19.30pm and concert at 20pm in Espai 11

Schedule of individual sessions adapted to the student's availability, throughout the 4 days of the course.

Full course: 350 €
Partial course: € 270
Listener prices: 90 € (complete) - 35 € (1 day) - 20 € (half day)

In this linkwww.eolia.cat/inscripcions

Coordination: Anna Feu
Pianist: Akiko Nomoto and Viviana Salisi



From 13 to 16 on May of 2022

Dand April 11-14, 2019

From 6 to 8 April 2018


From 21 to 24 April 2017


Images of the concert April 24, 2017 at the Teatre Eòlia



He became interested in theater as a teenager, playing small roles for Els Pastorets in the "Lluïsos de Gràcia" in Barcelona.
At the age of 17 he started directing his own shows and later entered the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where he studied Catalan Philology. In 1971 he founded the "theater commune" with which he toured all the towns of Catalonia doing street theater.
In 1973 he joined the professional world with the company of Pau Garsaball, as assistant director of the Berenàveu project in the dark of JM Benet i Jornet.
A few years later he gained great public success by directing Les Troianes de Eurípides-Sartre with a semiprofessional group he himself formed at the University. Later he worked as an actor in various theatrical productions and also on television.
In early 1978 he joined Dagoll Dagom, where he participated as an actor and member of the team in Antaviana, La nit de Sant Joan i Glups! Later he was in charge of directing the company's shows: The Mikado, Sea and Sky, Night Flower, I Love You, My Pygmalion, The Pirates, Cacao, Poe, La Perritxola, the Sea and Sky Repositions and The Mikado; as well as the television series Oh, Europe !, Oh, Spain !, The memory of the snails, and Psycho-express, which participated in the production of the script and at the same time co-starred. He has recently directed two seasons of the La Sagrada Familia series for TV3.
He has also directed other shows such as Sin words, by Pepe Rubianes, The shop of horrors, Quartetto da cinque, Estrips, The altarpiece of the flautist and Maror for the Dramatic Center of the Generalitat; and the operas Don Pasquale, by Donizetti, The Year of Grace, by A. Sardà, and Rigoletto by Verdi.
He has also directed the libertine and the musicals Boscos Endins, Aloma, Cop de Rock, La Familia Irreal, MAR I CEL, SCARAMOUCHE and MAREMAR, which is currently being performed at the Poliorama Theater in Barcelona.
He is the author of the book Comic tribe and the play Comic Life and the volumes of memories: Memories found in a van, Journey to the center of the musical and Pepe and I and The Office of the Comedian.