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15 09, 2021

Collective masterclasses in lyrical singing


The repertoire that has been prepared will be worked on two Saturdays a month (or more depending on the number of students enrolled) [...]

Collective masterclasses in lyrical singing2021-09-16T13:12:31+02:00
9 09, 2021

Assignment of spaces


Eòlia i + d is a hotbed of projects from different perspectives, and the Creation spaces give [...]

Assignment of spaces2021-09-09T15:03:05+02:00
8 09, 2021

Musical language for singers


Course suitable for modern or musical theater singers who cannot read scores. The tools will be worked [...]

Musical language for singers2021-09-08T15:57:25+02:00
8 09, 2021

Advanced techniques for vocal interpretation


A course to deepen the expression and vocal interpretation in music. The aim is to enrich the experience of [...]

Advanced techniques for vocal interpretation2021-09-08T16:19:16+02:00
8 09, 2021

Singing training plan


ANNUAL TRAININGThe training plan aims to provide the user with a good base to develop their particular sound, to express themselves fluently [...]

Singing training plan2021-09-08T16:03:37+02:00
8 09, 2021

Style laboratory


In the art world a modern singer must be able to master a wide range of music styles. Each [...]

Style laboratory2021-09-08T16:00:05+02:00
8 09, 2021

Musical Theater Workshops


The aim of these courses is to promote a good musical and vocal base so that the singer gains security for [...]

Musical Theater Workshops2021-09-08T16:10:39+02:00