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17 07, 2022

Creative movement laboratory


It is a space of creation through the body and emotions. We will work on the methodology of "Coaching of [...]

Creative movement laboratory2022-07-29T18:06:11+02:00
17 07, 2022

Movement coaching: Emotions and body


Self-knowledge and emotional leadership program In this course you will learn to recognize, accept, manage your emotions from a [...]

Movement coaching: Emotions and body2022-07-29T13:49:52+02:00
10 07, 2022

Work on contemporary scenes with David Selvas


It will be a four-day intensive journey where we will delve into scenes by authors Marc Ravenhill, Martin McDonaugh, and [...]

Work on contemporary scenes with David Selvas2022-07-11T19:37:57+02:00
10 07, 2022

Movement Coaching: Body, horses and freedom


Emotional development and movement coaching program with the horses of the Miranda Foundation where we will work on concepts of self-esteem [...]

Movement Coaching: Body, horses and freedom2022-07-13T15:43:03+02:00
6 07, 2022

Real lies with Tomeu Vergés


The work of Tomeu Vergés is situated between theater and dance, but it always has the body as [...]

Real lies with Tomeu Vergés2022-07-06T13:05:23+02:00