From February 6th to June 26th. Mondays 6 – 8.30 pm

This course is addressed to English speaking actors who either want to learn the basics of acting or want to keep working on the craft. During the course we will be working on building a detailed character, text analysis, listening skills, vulnerability and “Why do I do what I do” through monologues and scenes specific to the actor’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.

We will focus on building trust and confidence and a solid ground to base your acting on. At the end of the course we will perform the scenes and monologues in front of an audience.

Price: 495€


From February 6th to May 22nd. Mondays 9 – 11 am

This course is addressed to English speaking actors who want to improve their acting abilities in front of the camera or just have a sense of what working in front of the camera is. We will be working with monologues and scenes to improve or just learn the craft.

Create an actor with their own criteria is basic for the acting business. Natural acting, building character, vulnerability, work on feelings and tips on how to become a better Film/Tv actor. At the end of the course we will film the monologues so the actors can have it for their showreel.

Price: 320€


From February 10th to May 19th. Fridays 11.30 – 1.30 am

This course is addressed to English speaking directors and actors who want to become better directors or just have a taste of what theatre directing is. Every director will pick a theatre piece and will work with their classmates on creating a production which then will be pitched in front of the class.

Leading a project as a director is based on creating a theatre piece as much as knowing how to give directions to actors, or having a clear idea on what the theme of the play is or how they picture the stage or music and any other creative decison that will lead the play to be the best as can be.

Price: 295€


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